Wet panties, Bliss, a bit of a high and… FRUSTRATION!!!!


Picture This…

You, laying on your stomach, breathing hard, your hair falling down the sides of your face, energy, everywhere, the room is moving with the motion he dictates…

He is holding your hips hard, pushing back and forth, grunting as he pushes, fast, then slow, he sets the speeds, the depth….

You get that tingling sensation that travels from your lips and circles at your breasts, that he briefly holds, before returning his hands to your hips… (faster, harder, he grabs your throat…OH!) … The tingling keeps it’s journey south bound, pauses at your stomach, where the butterflies are now rattled…. only to explode, right between your legs within the folds of your lips… you moan loudly…..

FRUSTRATION!!!!  You are both fully clothed and that’s as far as you’ll get today.   Wet panties, bliss, a bit of a high and….FRUSTRATION!!! Because I wanted to feel him explode too.

That Ladies and Gentleman was my yesterday morning!!.  I need to get it out of my system…. The Hunger Again… the lust for my Mr. B.

Oh, by the way… There’s a word for that… Outercourse.  Can’t say I’m a fan.


The Nightmare Blowjob and a Surprise…


Brian had given me an amazing first oral sex experience.  Yes, as hard as it is to believe, before him, I had only had sex with just two people. Neither of whom had given me oral, so yes, it was the first time, and from the looks of it, it was also the first time, I ever had an orgasm.  (I agree with you, that is one really sad sex life for a 20 something)

As a girl, I always thought that a “Lady” never gave blowjobs, so I thought I wasn’t being lady like when I gave one. before Brian, I had only given three, or four, and I felt bad about it, but the truth is I liked it… sort of… it’s just I hadn’t given enough to say whether or not I liked it. 

Brian had given me an awesome experience and I thought I should return the favor, I googled, did my homework on fellatio, I was sure I was ready to give this man the dick suck of his life!!!! Well… turns out this is an acquired skill that requires practice

…lots of it!…

I was surprised at how much I actually liked it!!! I mean I really did, enjoy it! I was aroused, felt sensual, it was a totally new feeling for me!

I don’t know how many women think like I used to, but girls, y’all are missing out!!! Fellatio is fun!. Guys love it and in my case, it makes me feel sexy, and playful.

I’m sure some of you gals, think it’s gross, but the way I see it, I love kissing Brian, I kiss his forehead, his lips, I enjoy licking his earlobe and neck,  for me biting his lower lip is just a huge turn on!, why not kiss and lick, and taste that part of him that brings me so much pleasure; But after trying and doing, and learning(still learning) I can tell you, I like oral, I like to give him something he likes. 

I think great sex is about giving, not so much about receiving.

Girls, get down!!, and playful…and naughty!!! (not the same as dirty).  If you think your men have given you half as much pleasure as Brian has given me, then by all means they deserve it!!!. It may not be the best, but he will guide you towards what he likes.
Try it, always remember that this is for him. Don’t expect anything!

Here are 3 basics for Brian’s Blow jobs(if you ever find yourself with his cock in your mouth)

1. VISUAL: your pretty little lips and tongue all over the tip for an unforgettable show.
2. MOISTURE: Don’t suck it dry, lick it here and there, provides a show and moisture 😉
3. PAY ATTENTION: Pressure not to much, make sure your lips hold on his little friend is tight just so. Pay attention to his breathing, his caresses, and his moaning, that’ll give you the speed, depth and pressure he likes

Deep throating & Swallowing: You don’t have to, but give it a go! He’ll appreciate it. Get to know his little guy, you know he likes you, who knows, you might like him too.