Staying Grounded


I am going to start this blog post with a jump into The Way Back Machine. Early in my life my mother would sooth my discomforts with what I now call Mothering. If I had a tummy ache, she would place a hot water bottle on my stomach and sit next to me and caress my forehead while giving me soft and slow affirmations. Those slow gentle strokes would put my body and mind at ease. Later as a young adult, I had a girlfriend that loved to touch and caress. And she did touch and caress. But it was not soothing and calming like my mother’s. It did not take me long to realize the difference.
My mother would never loose contact with my skin. Either a long slow stroke in one direction and then a slightly faster trace back to the start and a long slow stroke or a stroke in one direction then a hand on a spot while she lifted off with the first hand and returned to the top to start again. Knowing that I enjoyed this technique, I adapted it myself and would practice the down and back whenever I caressed someone.
Years later in a discussion with a massage therapist friend, I learned that the constant contact was taught in massage school. The logic is that when if you break contact, the person you were touching loses where your hand is. And then when you reintroduce your touch it is a shock to them. So a good massage therapist will always have a light touch on your body.
You are asking yourself, “Self where is Mr. B going with this?” Here is where Mr. B is going. During a make out session, you are kissing on the neck below the left ear. You want to give the other side some attention. Rather than lift off and move to the other side, try this. Kiss, kiss, blow a soft whisper along the neck and jaw as you slowly shift to the other side. Stop along the way and plant a butterfly kiss on the chin, lips or throat then whisper your way to your target.
If the whisper is not your thing, keep the tip of your nose in contact with the jaw as you drift over. Or mix it up. Whisper a little, nuzzle some, whisper some more… you get the idea.
Earlier I mentioned the use of the other hand my mother would employ. So same scenario, you are kissing the neck below the left ear. You want to switch to the neck on the right. Before you end your kiss on the left, work a hand into the hair of your lover. Get your fingers all tangled up in that hair. Now gently tug the hair as you release that kiss. Hold the tug, stop by and kiss the lips then land on the neck on the right side. Now release the hair and begin kissing that neck. You never lost contact. Your lover never had to wonder what you were going to do next. They stayed lost in the mood you have created for them.
I promised Amber that I would make this post about the whisper kiss. And while I have mentioned the whisper kiss, that is not really the jest of this post. If you have never practiced the whisper kiss, it is simply a light blow from a small opening in your mouth, form you lips like you are going to whistle, but blow much more softly. If you drink tea, you already have the technique down.
How do you employ it? How about, you are actively engaged in eating her pussy. Her toes are curling, her stomach is clenching, an orgasm is on the rise. Connect the tip of your tongue with her clit and whisper a kiss. Repeat this for the next 3-4 times she is about to climax before you let her release. Waves of orgasms are your reward. Or, you are sucking his cock. He is throbbing and pulsing. Let the cock out, and whisper from the base of the head to the balls and back to the head. Wrap your lips around the head and suck to completion.
I have used the whisper kiss on her nipples, her clit, down her spine, up her thigh, across her forehead and on her neck, never have I not been pleased with the results.
Give it a try.


Lesson to be Learned


Hello all,
I apologize for my long absences from posting. As Amber stated in a recent post, we are now much closer to each other. That is a result of my relocation to the city where I had been working on a contract basis. Major changes in Mister B’s life, I am now divorced and making a new house feel like a home. I shall not burden you with all of the details. One important thing to know is that I was feeling very much out of place. None of my old routines survived. I had a burning need to have a night that felt like my old life.
One thing I derive great pleasure from is creating a good dining experience. Nothing fancy, good wholesome food presented with a good balance of flavor and color. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to manage the different prep times and cook times to have everything meet on the plate at its height of flavor and appeal. Yes I am a control freak!
So I convinced Amber that she should forego her usual Friday routine to come and experience a meal at “Chez Brian”. A local market had wild caught salmon on sale. I had recently discovered a stash of 2009 Merlot from South Africa that was absolutely wonderful. My staple starch with salmon is most always steamed rice. All that pink and white needs a vibrant green to balance the plate. Keeping it simple, I picked up some snow peas that I would blanch and then sauté in olive oil. While at the market, I grabbed a small bouquet of flowers to dress the table.
One of my idiosyncrasies is that I do not like dining under harsh light. Maybe my military dining hall days, or a deep seated romantic streak, but I like to have soft indirect lighting during my evening meal. My new home offers only an overhead light without a dimmer so I pulled out the candles. A cluster of votive candles on the kitchen counter and two taper candles on the table gave the prefect lighting for the meal.
Amber and I had a lovely meal, great conversation and connected on a level we never had before. She shared with me that she found the meal and the presentation to be very special.
And it meant a great deal to her. Folks, I had been preparing and presenting this sort of meal for the past 8 years to my now ex-wife. I never got this appreciation for the effort. Yes when we were dating she would complement my effort. But in the last 8 years, it became expected.
True Amber and I are in the dating phase still. And I really enjoy creating in the kitchen, so it is not that much effort for me. But let’s consider what things get taken for granted as our relationships grow. Men, do you kiss your lover after a great blowjob and tell her/him how much you enjoyed it? If your partner enjoys anal sex as much as you, is that anal sex still not a premium since not all lovers enjoy it? Let them know you relish the things they do that you enjoy. Ladies, after 20 minutes of toe curling orgasms, I know you are off in a different cosmos, but sometime in the next hour or so, stroke your mates face and share how lucky you are.
In closing, even if your partner loves doing what you love receiving, let them know you love it and that you appreciate it.
If you want to read more about the meal prep just ask.
Have any of you ever sautéed chopped Brussels sprouts in olive oil with garlic and fresh ground black pepper? OMG not the slimy “Martian Heads” your mom used to force you to eat!

Wet panties, Bliss, a bit of a high and… FRUSTRATION!!!!


Picture This…

You, laying on your stomach, breathing hard, your hair falling down the sides of your face, energy, everywhere, the room is moving with the motion he dictates…

He is holding your hips hard, pushing back and forth, grunting as he pushes, fast, then slow, he sets the speeds, the depth….

You get that tingling sensation that travels from your lips and circles at your breasts, that he briefly holds, before returning his hands to your hips… (faster, harder, he grabs your throat…OH!) … The tingling keeps it’s journey south bound, pauses at your stomach, where the butterflies are now rattled…. only to explode, right between your legs within the folds of your lips… you moan loudly…..

FRUSTRATION!!!!  You are both fully clothed and that’s as far as you’ll get today.   Wet panties, bliss, a bit of a high and….FRUSTRATION!!! Because I wanted to feel him explode too.

That Ladies and Gentleman was my yesterday morning!!.  I need to get it out of my system…. The Hunger Again… the lust for my Mr. B.

Oh, by the way… There’s a word for that… Outercourse.  Can’t say I’m a fan.

The Secret Chamber


Amber has discovered that she can enjoy female ejaculations with the correct stimulation and at the right time. She also realized with our second play date that what she thought had been orgasms before were not. I think they still were, but just different type than she has been enjoying for the past 10 months.

I have long known that there are clitoral orgasms and there are vaginal orgasms. And I pride myself on being able to deliver either or both. However, with Amber, there seems to be a third kind of orgasm and I am perplexed as to what to consider it. It is most definitely vaginal, but it feels different even to me.

Amber tells me that it is not like a climax where the pleasure builds to a point and POW you are there. She tells me this is very intense, sort of a flood of pleasure without the buildup. I will leave Amber to give you more of her thoughts on this subject.

What I know is that we get Amber to this Flood of Pleasure in one of two positions. Cowgirl or Doggy Style. Cowgirl it is almost a certainty that we are going to experience “The Flood”. Doggy, I have to work at finding the spot. It is deeper, past her G-spot. It is as if I am at the top of her vagina and suddenly, I enter a secret chamber. The sensation on my cock is almost like there is no sensation. Or maybe I am feeling sensation all around, so there is no up, down, left or right. I do know that once I am there, I can feel her warmth and wetness immediately. As I move around, her wetness increases and in a short time I can feel a release. That release is most always accompanied by a queeff as her vagina makes room for “The Flood”.

I am planning on exploring this secret room more. Maybe there is a climax waiting if we find the right stimuli?

Any of you have a secret chamber or experience with the flood? Please share if you do.


First Meet Mr. B’s story


I remember that first meeting very well.
Actually it came a day earlier than planned. We had been talking on the phone and somehow the conversation turned toward “Scratch and Sniff”, then to sniffing her panties. We hatched a plan where I would buy her Victoria’s Secret panties, she would model them for me and leave them with me to sniff later.

I am not into sniffing women’s panties, but it was a good ploy to see her naked. I really had no plans to bed her that evening. I still had not met her. She was great on the phone and in text, but still.

So the plan was to meet the next evening and go to Victoria’s Secret and buy panties. Then come back to my studio where she would model them. We first met at a deli I had never been to before. I arrived first and was waiting for her. The woman that walked through the door was so much more than I had expected. She was pretty, petite, confident and friendly. I had to wonder, why is she looking for men on Craig’s List.

She ate a very little bit of the salad she ordered. The conversation was quick and it was obvious she was nervous. I asked the usually questions when meeting a married woman. “What does hubby think you are doing?” “ What if someone you know sees us together?” I was satisfied with the answers, so off to Victoria’s Secret we went. That part seemed more awkward for me than for her. But we made it through well enough. And back to my place we went.

We sat on the sofa and talked some. Amber was very much a chatter box that night.  Nerves I suppose. We started to kiss. Oh wow, I loved the way she kissed. Almost hesitant with just enough “come get it” to make a man want more.  I put my hand at the base of her neck to draw her in for another kiss and she just melted. Her eyes closed, she went silent and suddenly she was all mine. Just from a hand on the base of her neck. I felt powerful and in control.

We made out on the sofa for a good while. I was so liking her. Her skin was soft, her hair silky, her kisses erotic and intoxicating. She responded to my every touch like I was a maestro on a fine violin. Oh, how I wanted this woman. “Hey, I want to see what we bought.” I had to see her body.

We sorted  through the purchases and decided on a bra and pantie pair in dark blue. She retreated to the bedroom to change. I felt like I was back in High School. Man I wanted to see this woman in her lingerie.

When she emerged from the bedroom, I saw much more cleavage than I thought I would see on such a petite woman. Her hips were so slim and her legs skinny but defined. She does a model spin and I see a tiny butt that looks like it belongs on a 14 year old boy, What shocked me was a mommy tummy. Normally, this would be a deal breaker for me. Yet, I am so impressed; I am willing to overlook this. Yes, very shallow of me I know. So sue me.

We kiss and make out some more. Her breasts are lovely. They are natural, heavy and full with large dark nipples that beg to be sucked. So I do.

We never discussed having intercourse on this first date. I don’t think either of us thought it would go that far. But I want this woman. And she seems pretty willing to go to the next level.  I lead her back in to the bedroom and I lay her down on the mattress. I remove her dark blue thong panties. I kneel next to the bed and spread her legs.
Slowly I lick her pussy. Tongue flat, not probing, just teasing. Her response is a soft whimper and I see her bite her lower lip.
Her pussy has more hair than I like, but not too much. I separate her outer lips to give me access to her clit. At this point I switch to “auto pilot”. My actions are driven by her reactions. My years of experience have taught me that women like different things. And the same woman likes different things at different times. Pay attention boys (and girls), the more aroused, the woman the more aggressive the play. A hard bit too early is a mood killer. That same bite when she is about to orgasm is the cherry on top the sundae. Oh and don’t neglect the nipples and the face. Put your hands to work.

After giving Amber a pretty respectable oral session, I wanted to penetrate her. I lost my pants and shirt. Climbed on the bed and got on top of her. I kissed her passionately. She seemed not to mind the taste of her own juices on my mouth. Good point to remember. While on top of her, I hooked my ankles inside her calves and forced her legs apart. She let out a whimper again. She likes being dominated. I like that she likes being dominated. My cock finds her opening. But in spite of the orgasms she has had, her pussy is too tight to get in. I dry hump her clit for a bit. Then I move up and feed her face my cock. She is not the oral expert I would have hoped for. But I am pleased over all. My erection fades without me having a climax. But surprisingly, I feel satisfied in the experience. I am excited my Amber.

We lay on the bed cuddling. I am mentally assessing the night’s events. It is clear that she only thought that she was experienced. In my mind, she is a blank canvas and I tell her so. I want to create a Brian original masterpiece on her canvas. I share my thought while promising that I will never do anything to hurt her. I need her trust on this journey of discovery. There is so much I want to share.