Wet panties, Bliss, a bit of a high and… FRUSTRATION!!!!


Picture This…

You, laying on your stomach, breathing hard, your hair falling down the sides of your face, energy, everywhere, the room is moving with the motion he dictates…

He is holding your hips hard, pushing back and forth, grunting as he pushes, fast, then slow, he sets the speeds, the depth….

You get that tingling sensation that travels from your lips and circles at your breasts, that he briefly holds, before returning his hands to your hips… (faster, harder, he grabs your throat…OH!) … The tingling keeps it’s journey south bound, pauses at your stomach, where the butterflies are now rattled…. only to explode, right between your legs within the folds of your lips… you moan loudly…..

FRUSTRATION!!!!  You are both fully clothed and that’s as far as you’ll get today.   Wet panties, bliss, a bit of a high and….FRUSTRATION!!! Because I wanted to feel him explode too.

That Ladies and Gentleman was my yesterday morning!!.  I need to get it out of my system…. The Hunger Again… the lust for my Mr. B.

Oh, by the way… There’s a word for that… Outercourse.  Can’t say I’m a fan.


The History of Mr. B.


My cheating ways cost me my first marriage to a woman that I deeply loved and was so infatuated with.
With my second wife I was going to break up when we were dating because I did not want to commit to just one woman. She assured me that it was okay and that it would allow her to embrace her bi-sexual nature. I should have known better. When she decided that she was really not bi-sexual, she expected me to suddenly become monogamous. Sure and leopards can change their spots. So I have been involved in exclusive affairs ever since. Some not so attractive women that were open minded and sexual animals. I even have been involved with some couples. Amber is the first woman I have had an affair with that is beautiful, sensual, erotic and open minded all in one package. She may not know it, but she is.

I gave away my virginity at 14. I am now just north of the half century mark, so have been fucking  longer than Amber has been alive. Along the way I have benefitted from some good teachers. As I am much the voyeur, I enjoy porn. And porn exposes one to things you may have never considered before.  I can remember almost all of the women I have had the pleasure to pleasure. Some stand out as truly magnificent lovers that knew their own bodies so will that they could guide you to giving them what they wanted/needed without you even knowing you were being lead. Then others so direct in leading that they were selfish and not at all erotic. Amber is neither. When we started our affair, she was a completely blank canvas. I have two years to create my masterpiece. When I have completed my work, I hope that her husband will appreciate my style and technique.