The Bucket List


I recently came across a Female Sexual Bucket List. The woman that re-posted it
commented on how 90% of this could be done with a monogamous partner.
I looked the list over, and I think 90% may be a bit of a stretch. But it does make a pretty good point. Relationships need to be kept fresh and lively. We have had some comments about our blog demeaning the sanctity of marriage. When I read this bucket list I immediately thought of an interview Tammy Faye Baker gave in the early 90’s. I cannot find a link to the exact quote (if you know it, please share). But she once stated (before it was public that Jim was having affairs) that “a good Christian woman will be many women for her husband”.
Take that quote, the comment by the woman re-posting the bucket list and the fact that people have affairs and we may be onto something here: Role Play.
The options are vast.
Amber and I early on started a role play to allow her to step out of her comfort zone and experience new things. We have a Dom/sub role with Master B and Lana. Brian gets to be sinister and play with bondage, spanking, orgasm denial, toys and all sorts of other demeaning things. Amber gets to explore her limits without compromising Amber’s integrity.
Amber desires Teacher/Student play while I want to explore a rape fantasy. Point is, if you are married and wanting to keep your mate interested, maybe having an affair within your marriage is something you should consider.
My next post will be a Master B and Lana account.
Stay tuned.


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