A Chair with a View


Amber gives a pretty good description of the events that day, from her perspective.
What we should always remember is that what we sense and perceive is based on our knowledge and experiences. Not the knowledge and experience of the person we are with.

At this point in our affair I had not shared with Amber that I was, many years ago, involved in an accident that left me with permanent nerve damage down the right side of my body. That nerve damage has rendered my penis almost numb. Benefit for the ladies that can withstand a 90 minute pounding, but a frustration for me. Visual stimulation helps me to achieve my climax sooner. Tactile stimulation alone will not get me done. I require visual to compliment the experience if I am to realize my orgasm.

So, I am sitting on the couch. Amber is straddling my lap and riding me in a reverse cowgirl standing position. But my view is her hair, her dress and more of her dress. Now I love her hair and the way she plays with it during intercourse. But that is not the visual that I need to stay in the game. Good thing Amber tips the scales south of 100#, I stood up with her still engaged and moved her to a chair. Frankly, I believe this is the first time a man moved her physically during intercourse.

Once at the chair, I had the most wonderful view a man could hope for. Her slim hips and tiny little ass look so hot when she is on her knees. I had a great view of my cock pumping her pussy. My word, this was just what I needed! It may seem odd to some of you, but as I was fucking her that way, I looked at her asshole and thought, “that is the prettiest asshole I have ever seen”.

Amber and I had not discussed anal sex at this point in our affair. She had said that she was so inexperienced that she did not know her limits. But I knew anal was a big taboo for most women. Yet I looked at that butthole and fantasized about having my cock in it. I suddenly realized that this woman was not just hot, but she was on fire. The thought of using her to my ends plus the visual of her on her knees and my cock pumping her pussy was just what I needed. I was very vocal as I reached my climax.

Out of breath and feeling very satisfied, I lead Amber to the bed. We cuddled and I enjoyed some post-orgasmic sleep. Not much sleep, I had this beautiful sexy woman cuddled next to me. What the heck was I doing sleeping? I kissed her. Wow what a wonderful kisser Amber is. My hand wondered down to her soaking wet pussy and I could not resist fingering her to another orgasm or three. A pussy loaded with cum is so much fun to play with. It reminds me of my childhood and running through the puddles after a heavy rain.  My adult version of “Playing in the Puddles”.

So goes my side of the story.

I have to tell you all that at this point in our affair, I am hooked on this inexperienced, totally open minded young lady. A dream come true.


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