Let Me Give You a Hand


Amber wrote recently about embracing the blowjob (fellatio). That got me to thinking about the most overlooked sexual experience, the hand job. You may be thinking, hell a hand job is just masturbating with someone else’s hand. Well, maybe so. But when applied correctly, the hand job is a long drawn out tease that will leave him with a teeth quaking climax.

Like women, each man has a combination of pressure, speed, and rhythm that affords a climax. As a woman, if you can master the hand job, you will know his every response to each of the variables and or combinations of variables.  Okay, you caught me, yes I am an engineer.

And ladies, once you master this, you can prolong his climax as long as you want. Imagine him clutching the sheets begging you to let him cum. That opposed to grabbing the back of your head and forcing your throat down on to his shaft. Pretty cool huh?

Consider this if you will. Once you know how a fingertip brushed just under the head of his cock stimulates him, you can apply that same touch with your tongue. When you know what rhythm gets him off, you can play that during fellatio or intercourse to delay climax or to get him there when you want him to be there.

I will promise you this. If you extend his pleasure by just 5 minutes, you will have him asking for more. If you give him a teeth aching toe curling experience, you will become the most talented lover he has ever had. And you can learn how to do this with the simple hand job.

Here are two links that a Google search turned up. There is even a YouTube video (Of Course) on giving a hand job.

I urge you to go forth and wank!




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