An Email, a Promise, a Date,…. and a Threat?


An Email

I had replied to Brian’s posting looking for a sexual partner.  What I wanted was a man as attached as I was, who would never ask me or expect me to leave my husband’s side.  Someone who would care not for me, but for the earthly pleasures I was willing to engage in.  In all honesty my sexual experience had been limited to one person, and I had never tried anything other than the “missionary” position.  (I know?!, Crazy, right?!!)  Truth is I have(had) a preference for that position because it was the only position that did not hurt.  (you see, My husband is extremely large, I mean way above average, and I’m petite)

“Having a large penis is like having a Hummer Limo, I mean it looks cool and everything,  but what’s the point of having one if you can’t park it anywhere??” -@weirdassbritt

…Back to topic, sorry I tend to get sidetracked. LOL

Brian’s reply did not come right away, he made me wait a whole day, before I heard from him!!.  After that, we emailed regularly for about a week, asking questions about everything and anything, like our favorite color, one’s addiction to candy, the others’ love for cooking and growing stuff, by that I mean herbs, like garlic or thyme, not “herbs”!!!.

A Promise

I found out Brian did not like smoking, and that he had traveled all over the world, we exchanged one or two spicy emails about what he liked sexually ,he liked oral, and he liked giving(okay?), and he very confidently promised that he would make me come on oral alone (yeah, right!).  I knew how to give oral….. I…uhm,… liked it, ….sort of, truthfully…. I hadn’t done it enough to actually have a clear idea of whether I liked it or not.  The more we emailed, the more I wanted to know about him, and the more anxious I was to meet him; luckily..

A Date

…He was anxious to meet me too!!, we exchanged pictures, his was tiny, but he looked cute.  Mine, was decent, I don’t like my pictures.

And lucky me! Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale was going starting that week.  We decided to meet Monday, around 7pm and go shopping, he asked! (I promise it was his idea), we agreed to get a couple of lingerie pieces that I would model for him. I was all nervous and excited, and of course scared.  The only way to be less scared, was to know more, for me to know more I would have to ask, and I did! I asked away, however, There was a question I asked several times, that he avoided.  I didn’t think anything of it, because I had been spitting out so many questions, I was sure he had missed that particular question, several times(?), So on the Sunday, before our meeting, I asked once more…

A Threat??

-So!, What do you do for a living?

His reply -I could tell you, but I would have to kill you…. wth?!

I. Didn’t. Sleep. That. Night!  I mean, I’m only a girl, about 4’11”  100lbs about to meet a man about 6′ who is also close to 170lbs! I was scared!.  At the same time, I looked at his picture, and emails over, and over, and in my mind he couldn’t possibly be a bad man.  Could he?…

So Monday at 7 I was wearing a pink halter top, tight jeans, and pumps, calling him to let him know I was on my way…


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