About me


Welcome to my blog,

The purpose of this blog is to serve me as a journal.  Detailing the story of how my perspective, life and feelings have and will continue to change since meeting the other character in this chapter of my life,and through my day to day interactions with him.

How? I don’t know; but the point is I’m here. and so is he. We will call him Brian.

Why? I couldn’t say. I’m an incredibly selfish person I guess. My husband is a very loving man.

About Me.  I’m just a girl who fell (more like dropped herself) into an extramarital affair. I have been “happily married” for 7 years and found Brian about 6 months ago.  I’ve always considered myself an unfaithful wife.I tried to be faithful. I actually rejected many offers, but the fact remains, I’m having an affair now, and I am enjoying every minute of it!… sue me!

About Him: He is exasperating!!! he is handsome(just ask him!), the same as every man; a philanderer, yet he is the most unique. caring, loving, compassionate, fun, interesting, and delicious man I ever met.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. oh my we potentially have some similarities. I am new in this (though we are at 20-months) married for 24+ years and my long distance guy is a serial cheater. I am lover #7 in his 25+ year marriage to “his bride”. it’s been an interesting, difficult and delicious ride. One I am not ready to walk away from. I’m looking forward to your journey. thanks for sharing!

    • Hey, thank you for following. I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I know all about the delicious ride!! I’m glad you are having fun too. I checked out your blog, and I am a fan!! I am too, looking forward to reading more from you. Take care and good luck 😉

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